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Receive all your favorite Christian Radio Stations, Sermons and Church Services from wherever you are in the world with YourOwnRadioTM ..... all without a PC!

Ideal for shut-ins, the homebound, those not comfortable with a PC, the elderly, the blind and visually impaired and families.

No PC needed!  Choose from more than 250 Christian Radio Stations and more than 100.000 Sermons. You can also easily add the stream of your local church. Add the complete or specific books of the NLT or KJV Audio bible for FREE. The sermons are powered by The largest library of FREE MP3 audio sermons on the web!

And what is monthly subscription fees!

YourOwnRadio is a simple to use WebRadio. It is unique....YourOwnRadio is truly plug and play.

Via a secured website you have full control of your own radio. You do not need to connect the radio to a PC. Just go to the website and remove and add content to your radio remotely. The next time when you switch on the receiver it will automatically receive the latest settings.

An added advantage. The secured website allows you to program suitable stations and other content for your children.
How it works:
Just connect the YourOwnRadio to a telephone line or broadband connection and listen! You do not need any computer knowledge nor a PC to install or operate the receiver.