Available content
Our database contains in total more than 250 Christian Radio Stations and more than 5.000 Radio Stations from more than 100 countries. New stations, programs or podcasts are added on a regular basis.

Examples of stations: Moody Bible, BBN, VCY America, The Fish, Praise FM, Faith Radio and many more.

The database of Sermons contains more than 150.000 different sermons. You can search by Country, State, Church and Speaker. Every week new sermons will
automatically be added!

If you have your own content and/or Urls, you can add it via your secured web account . This information will not be added to the central database, but will only be visible and accessible via your YourOwnRadio.

If you are a broadcaster and would like to add your content to our central database, please fill in the contact form. We can make your content available to the listeners for free of charge or based on a subscription.

However, as radios stations and program are offered by third parties such as public broadcasters, we cannot guarantee their availability. The list of stations are only an example of the possible offering. and her affiliates may change the list of content without any prior notice. All rights reserved.