FAQ - Support
Can I connect YourOwnRadio to my hi-fi installation?
Yes, you can. YourOwnRadio has a standard audio output (RCA out) and can be connected with the enclosed cable. 

Is YourOwnRadio easy to use?
During development of YourOwnRadio special attention was paid to ease of use. Besides the red ON/OFF button YourOwnRadio has one rotator to adjust the volume and two buttons (UP and DOWN) to select other stations. YourOwnRadio has a clear LCD display, which shows the name of the station being listened to. YourOwnRadio also has a simple remote control.

Warranty on YourOwnRadio

Standard warranty on YourOwnRadio is 1 year. Your proof of purchase is your proof of warranty.

Does YourOwnRadio have a manual?

Yes, it does. However this is normally not required. Just switch on and listen.

What do I need to use YourOwnRadio?

Besides a power plug you need a broadband (Ethernet) connection or a regular telephone line with an ISP Dial-up account.

Can I use YourOwnRadio the same time as my computer?

Yes, YourOwnRadio uses the same Internet connection as your pc. However, you need an additional free port on your cable/dsl modem. You can also use a router to share your Internet connection with other equipment. A router can be bought at BestBuy or Radio Shack.

Can I use YourOwnRadio in combination with wireless Internet?

Yes, you can. You need a wireless Internet adapter (also called wifi adapter or Game adapter). This adapter can be configured with your pc for your local wireless network. After configuration the adapter can be used with YourOwnRadio. How the adapter should be configured depends on your local wireless settings (SSID and security). A wifi adapter or Game adapter can be purchased at every
BestBuy or Radio Shack.

I don’t have broadband. Can I use YourOwnRadio?

Yes you can if you have a normal telephone line and a dial-up account. Alternatively, you can purchase a broadband connection such as DSL or Cable Internet.

Can I use YourOwnRadio in a home or business network?

Yes, you can. Many corporate networks have been secured with a firewall. One of the settings could be that only devices with a fixed IP address can be used. Standard YourOwnRadio makes use of a dynamic IP address, but this can easily be set to a static IP address. Even without a pc! Read the manual how to do this.

My network is secured with a firewall. Can I use the radio?
Yes, you can. One of the settings of your firewall could be that only devices with a fixed IP address can be used. The radio standard is a dynamic address, but this can easily be changed to static. Read the manual.

I have found an MP3 and/or Windows Media Stream. Can I program this to YourOwnRadio?
Yes, you can. Upon delivery of YourOwnRadio you will receive a unique log-in code to a special website. On this site you can simply add MP3 and WM streams. These streams are only available to you and cannot be detected by third parties.

Good to know:
20% of the profits of YourOwnRadio is spent on the further development of radio for the blind, visually impaired or those with a reading disability. Click here for more information on the
blind radio.