How it works

Connect YourOwnRadio to a telephone line or broadband connection. This can be either a cable Internet connection or DSL. YourOwnRadio has a so-called RJ45 Ethernet port. This means you can connect YourOwnRadio directly to your broadband connection, without requiring a computer.

If you wish to use the webradio on a telephone line you can use the RJ11 connector on the rear of the unit and connect with the provided telephone cable. You have to obtain your own ISP Dial-up account from your Telecom provider.

YourOwnRadio has been pre-programmed standard with 250 Chirstian Radio stations from all over the world. You are able to amend this selection very simply yourself or you can add on different ones from our database, which is also at your disposal. Our database now has more than 5.000 radio stations. The number is increasing daily and so is the number of previously broadcast programs (podcasts).

Upon receipt of YourOwnRadio you will receive log-in information to our StationList portal. With your own user name and password you can change your list of stations very easily. Again, YourOwnRadio does not need to be connected to a PC. The next time you switch on YourOwnRadio, the new stationlist will be activated.

YourOwnRadio does not require special configuration. YourOwnRadio can be used in a home or office environment. However, in the case of the latter (because of a possible firewall) other network parameters need to be set. Here too, no PC is required, but this can be done via the menu options which can be seen in the display.

Good to know:

20% of the profits of YourOwnRadio is spent on the further development of radio for the blind, visually impaired or those with a reading disability. Click here for more information on the
blind radio.