How to order?
         You can order on-line. Secure, easy and fast via PayPal and VeriSign.      

    The price of the YourOwnRadio is USD 249 excl. shipping, handling and taxes.

    and.....more important....No monthly subscription fees!



    You need to order your own Internet connection such as a Dial-up (ISP) account or broadband cable or DSL connection. This is not included in this offer / package.

    YourOwnRadio package includes the following :
    • Simple remote control incl. batteries
    • Telephone cable (RJ11) to connect to your telephone line (if available)
    • Ethernet cable (RJ45) to connect to your broadband connection (if available)
    • Audio cable to connect to your HiFi set (if you wish)
    • A FREE account to our Stationlist portal to enable you to program and control YourOwnRadio


Tremendous! At long last my gran (87) can listen to her hometown Christian Radio Station. She recently moved to a nursing home
(Trevor Blikmann, Chino Hills, CA)