About us
Who are we? We are pioneers of Internet Radio.

Our aim is to make Christian Radio Radio, Sermons, Bible studies, Church Services and other Christian content accessible and available to EVERYONE.
  • No dependence on your local cable operator to transmit your favorite station
  • No geographical limitations. Listen to your favorite station from any place in the world.
  • Tuned-in immediately. No longer looking for the correct frequency or web page.
  • Automatic update. No manual lists of your favorite URLS.

And above all..... no PC required and thus for EVERYONE...

With our WebRadio products and services we hope to give equal and easy access to important content. We focus on listeners groups that normally do not have the advantage of using the Internet and computers, although we believe.....that they maybe need it the most...

We started our company with our own family and friends in mind. A grandmother who was not able to go to the church anymore and to whom a PC was too complex to use to listen to the on-line church service. Or a blind friend who wished to listen to all kinds of different Radio Stations and Audio books. 

Let's not forget:"Faith comes by hearing".

Thank you for your continuous support

God bless you.

Werner Haan
CEO / Founder

Good to know:

20% of the profits of YourOwnRadio is spent on the further development of radio for the blind, visually impaired or those with a reading disability. Click here for more information on the
blind radio.